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Terry Schiavo

This is in responce to an article by Mr.Mishik on the AP

The article I am refering  to:    http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/governer-bushs-end-life-dispute-becomes-2016-issue/



I think there are many things missing from this article. I remember the case very well. I have a greater opinion then the average person due to the compassion of working with those in so-called “vegetative states”. After the Martin Pretorius story it is hard to tell if Mis. Terry was awake and trapped in her body or was clearly unconscious.

Terry was semi conscious. She felt physical pain. So to remove the feeding tube was worse than shooting her in the head. She felt every second of hunger and the gruelling pain of dehydration. Let me ask, would you even let your dog die like that? The way she was killed was torture and in-humane. We are more kind to those on death row in prison. Any one who supported her death, should have to feel this same torment that she did when it is their time.

What I saw was a man who wanted an easy way out of a marriage and still save face. What a selfish coward.

What has this done for our future? Well now we opened a door to legally kill people who we deem as lesser. Would that be so great in the world? Grandma can’t go to the bathroom anymore it’s time to put her down. Well why have homeless shelters, if people aren’t going to contribute lets just put them down like a dog. MY baby has down syndrome I don’t want it now, can we kill it? Because of this we are now putting in our insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act( also known as Obama Care) the death penalties. Insurance companies now dictate who has a right to live who and who doesn’t.

The funny thing is Mr.Mishik you are not immune. They will kill you now too, when they feel you can no longer contribute to a self ( or collective)sustainable life.

There were a lot of supporters for Terry to live. So don’t be surprised that Jeb Bush fares better than you think. I may not vote for him, but don’t count your eggs before they hatch.