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“I Hate America”



As I was diving to our small little town, just a short four miles, I hear my son tell me how he hates America. We have a lot of our deep conversations in the car, and even though this wouldn’t be an abnormal time or place to talk about it, I was totally in shock.

I have to say I don’t think I did very well with this one….All I could think about was where did he get this garbage from. Was he hearing it at school, or TV? Maybe it was me and all my political complaints. Could I have caused him the hatred of his country. Maybe as a society we have come to devalue what has been given us because we are born here.

The freedom we have was paid for in blood. Paved with grief and tears. Raised in hard work. Given by a Creator as a reflection of his freedom.

Our freedom’s  in the United States of America are God-given and blessed. I am thankful for and  so in love with this country.

My son thinks that because we are a prosperous country and other countries are not then he should hate the country that he is born into.  This sounds a lot like the white privilege propaganda that is out there now these days.

In this country ALL men are created equal. That means no matter the color of your skin, what faith you believe, or even what career you have, you are the same as me and I am the same as you.

We are endowed by our creator (God not Government)certain rights, and these are life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. This means that we are free to live a life of seeking out what is best for ourselves  without out fear of being harmed by the entities that be. Another words we are free to worship God without worry of being beheaded if worshiping God is what makes us happy.

I did explain to my son that it isn’t the government’s job to take care of the oppressed in other countries. It is my job and his job to do that. As Christians we should have a heart to want to help those who don’t have the same rights as we do. I told him that Christians in the U.S.A  ( and around the world) on average do more for those who are oppressed than any government has ever done. It has been that way for more than two thousand years and will be that way until Jesus returns.

I am so blessed to be an American. I am proud of our heritage. I am grateful for our privilege of freedom.

Take the time and express your opinion about America. Please take the time to comment and share openly.



Terry Schiavo

This is in responce to an article by Mr.Mishik on the AP

The article I am refering  to:



I think there are many things missing from this article. I remember the case very well. I have a greater opinion then the average person due to the compassion of working with those in so-called “vegetative states”. After the Martin Pretorius story it is hard to tell if Mis. Terry was awake and trapped in her body or was clearly unconscious.

Terry was semi conscious. She felt physical pain. So to remove the feeding tube was worse than shooting her in the head. She felt every second of hunger and the gruelling pain of dehydration. Let me ask, would you even let your dog die like that? The way she was killed was torture and in-humane. We are more kind to those on death row in prison. Any one who supported her death, should have to feel this same torment that she did when it is their time.

What I saw was a man who wanted an easy way out of a marriage and still save face. What a selfish coward.

What has this done for our future? Well now we opened a door to legally kill people who we deem as lesser. Would that be so great in the world? Grandma can’t go to the bathroom anymore it’s time to put her down. Well why have homeless shelters, if people aren’t going to contribute lets just put them down like a dog. MY baby has down syndrome I don’t want it now, can we kill it? Because of this we are now putting in our insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act( also known as Obama Care) the death penalties. Insurance companies now dictate who has a right to live who and who doesn’t.

The funny thing is Mr.Mishik you are not immune. They will kill you now too, when they feel you can no longer contribute to a self ( or collective)sustainable life.

There were a lot of supporters for Terry to live. So don’t be surprised that Jeb Bush fares better than you think. I may not vote for him, but don’t count your eggs before they hatch.

Getting through the pain.

Some of the biggest blessings comes from the worst pain. Many times when we are in the middle of such pain it is too difficult to see how things will work out.It is hard to see where your life will be in light of present circumstances in 5 or 10 years from now.

I have been though many tough situations that changed my life direction forever. Some good some bad.In the end they were only difficult for a short time in comparison to the future,and I have to say life has been good to me.

My advise for going through painful things:

1.Keep your head up. You are stronger than you think.

2.Pray. The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.Psalms 34:18

3.Remember that this will not last forever. 5 or 10 years down the road you will look back at this moment and know that you are better for it.

4. Forgive quickly. It is much easier to move on when you let things go. Even if you need to forgive yourself,  do it. God thinks you are worth it he has forgiven you so should you. If you need to forgive someone else, do it and remind yourself they are forgiven every morning. Soon your feeling will catch up to it. You can’t fully move forward until you do.

5.Cry. do what ever you need to do to experience your grief ,pain , hurt,ect…..then let it be over.You cant experience a better future until you have completely dealt with the past( even if the past was just yesterday).When it is done move on and don’t let yourself to go back again.let the past be just that.

6.Praise God. He is your comfort. When you open yourself up to praise you feel better. It may be the only thing at 1st that helps get you through the day.

7. Smile. Don’t let your emotions dictate your outcome. It may feel un-natural, but you will soon appreciate the smiles you get back.

8.Learn. Some things we go through are for us to learn from them. Take a deep look at your self and see if there is something that needs to change. Then ask God to help you.

These are a few things that has helped me through some pretty painful things in the past. They sound harder than what they are. I know that I am a better person for the things that I went through.I pray they help you,too.

It could be worse right now.

With me focusing on all the wrong things in the world, I should take some time to focus on some things that are right.

I guess what has aggravated me lately is a book I recently read Called ” Tortured for Christ” by Richard Wurmbrand. In his book he wrote about what the Communist regime was like for the people of Romania. Soldiers were cruel and hard and Mr. Wurmbrand described them as worse than the Nazi’s. They did unspeakable things to those who didn’t agree with the government.

Some of the things that stuck in my mind were how the freedom to worship was dramatically changed. THe churches were all converted into some sort of idealist propaganda. No real belief in God, just try to be good people and live a good life. The pastors were spies for the Government and if they suspected someone was a true believer they would turn them over to the police. Those who wanted to worship God had to do so in secret.

Right now in the United States of America I have the ability to congregate with my fellow believers and worship the God of all mankind. The creator of the heavens and the earth. The Great and Might one of the universe. The Lover of my soul. The healer of my heart. The Holy one, The righteous JUdge. The Lord Most High. Right now I can do this with all my fellow Christians and not worry if I will be in prison before night fall.

The second thing that stuck in my head is how Mr. Wurmbrand talked about the Communist Collective. No individual was allowed to build a life for themselves. Everything a person owned was given over to the “collective”. For instance in the book a framer could be imprisoned for eating food from the farm he grow up on and at one time owned , but was stolen from him for the “Collective” government. If he ate his own crops he was considered a thief. Therefore, he became a slave to the “collective” on their own land.Some even starved to death. Very sad and ugly

I am so glad that right now in this country I am so far allowed to own my own property. That may soon all change , but for right now I have a roof over my head and a warm bed to sleep in. I have job and can use a portion of that income how I see fit for my family.

All in all, this was very eye-opening. The same lingo that was used then to support a tyrannical government is now being used here in USA. FRom now on, Everytime I here the word “collective” in the news or political speeches I will think of this book. Everytime religion is attacked and the words “hate speech” are used in the media I will think of what direction this country is going. At what point do we quit sitting around and saying nothing? At what point will we say stop? Will it be too late by then? Will be a new Romania?

If it is not broke!

I work in a manufacturing enviornment.Everything has to be working properly for the process to make a product. I am a “tinker” when I am on the line. Most bosses don’t care if the parts are perfect, just that they meet the aspects that the customer wants. I liked perfection and I would “tinker” and adjust until I felt like I was making the perfect part. My bosses would get to aggravated at me. That is when I 1st heard If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”

In our nations capital the rolls are reversed. Our leadership is tinkering with our Constitution, I am the one saying “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”THe Constitution all by itself is near perfect. Standing it alone, with the Bill of Rights, it seems to give human beings the responsibility for their own freedom, happiness, work, protection, & charity.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were written because we just came out from under a government that abused its power to enslave its citizens. The men and women were literally being murdered in the streets by British soldiers. If the people didn’t give the soldiers their demands, or spoke out against them or the government the people were retaliated against. They were over taxed and burdened with Loads of government debt. Does this sound familure yet?

YOu and I are in the same boat as the settlers in 1776. Someone decided we need to regulate this and we need to put a law against that and tinker with our constitution. We are not longer equal to our elected officials. They are now privileged to steal our land when we die(the soldeirs would do that),To tax our grandchildren for their luxurious vacations( the king did this), to enslave us to their bankers( our government has done this).They are trying to opress our speach, and take away our protections.

If the Vice President doesn’t think that ordinary citizens care about the Constitution he is right. The extrodinary citizens do. That is you and me.And, if you don’t care about it now you will soon enough, because you are in the same boat as the rest of us. You to will be arrest for speaking, you too will be stolen from, and murdered in the streets by a government who thinks it is above the law.

They tinkered with the Constitution and for us to fix what they broke is this-The answer to “1984” is 1776_ALex Jones

It’s not that complicated!

There is a commercial out that has a bunch of kids who come up with different answers to questions. The scenarios they come up with are cute and sweet and totally illogical. The commercial ends with the words “It’s not that Complicated”.

It seems this should be the same mentality of the government. With every new bill passed, every new law put in place, and every new executive order our lives get more and more complicated. Take for instance This year I finally got a raise of 2%. THis is the 1st raise I had gotten in several years. the congress has given themselves raises even during a failing economy. Now the very week I get a raise. My payroll taxes increase 2%. How is that even ok?

How about this complicated mess. I am now unable to afford hamburger. Inflation has increased so much that I am no longer able to live the same standard of living that I am used to. The reason why? tax increases and inflation sparked by poor governmental choices.Things like Bailing out BIG Banks. The inflation is a direct result of that choice in such a short amount of time. It bothers me that we bailed out banks that were going under and somehow right after they had enough money to spend on commercials that were false advertisement. They should have announced that ” if you bank with us you may lose your home and have to file bankruptcy within the next year. Sorry about your luck.”By the way we are giving everyone in our executive office a BIGGG Bonus.”that would have been a more honest commercial.

How about going to my yearly check up and my Doctor telling me, after knowing that I have had two female surgeries, that I only need an exam once every two years because my government says so. I get the feeling that someone is trying to kill me and it isn’t my husband. Isn’t that over stepping some boundaries in my life. Why should they care when and how many exams I get, If I am paying for them?

This is just a few things. I could go on all day.

If I were to run for office My campagne slogan would be ” It’s not that complicated”. You don’t have to pass a bill to see what is in it. You don’t need a million pages to get a point across in a bill. You don’t need all these governmental agencies , like the NSA, The IRS, The DHS, the TSA. They are just blood sucking useless agencies that are violating our rights everyday with adding very little value to our economy and safety.

How about getting out of the United Nations. Why in the world are a part of something that has no respect for the sovereignty of nations. We don’t need them and they don’t need us. They just make our life more complicated by wanting us to adapt their laws as our own. Or, how about shutting down NAFTA and securing our borders. Both to the north and the south of us. That is the only way to make things FAIR. People coming into this country will have a better chance of making a better wage that way.

How about taking care of the security of our own country by having our troops state side.Instead of spying on everyone in the world How about not starting wars and giving guns to people who think 911 was a heroic event.Hey in case you didn’t know al-Qaeda is not our friend. For real.

How about letting people live simple peaceful lives without governmental interference. People thrive when given the opportunity to do so on their own.I belive in letting us help one another in love.I feeling better helping my neighbor then being taxed into it.

So here is my plea. How about over turning our government completely. You see you have people in there that believe they will never be voted out. They have been in for many years and they feel like they don’t have to listen to the people over their own pockets. THis how we can do it. Next election vote on every single underdog. Don’t vote for a single republican or democrat. Vote for every single alternative possible. I think we can get enough new people in Washington to stop the mess, to go a new direction, to have new and better ideas, and are not part of the maddness.I think we should give them a chance to make things a lot less complicated.

Most of these guys don’t have big media support. We well know now that the media had an agenda to get in office who they wanted in office. The alternative candisates aren’t taking big money from elitist groups, so they don’t have big fancy bank accounts and commercials. They can’t advertise as well. All of that is no reason to say they will not be a good candidate for Washington. You and I have to get past what we see and look more at what our officials do. Don’t you think? The madness and complication are our fault. We the people put them in. Let’s get them out!!!!

Freedom or Safety?

In the recent scandals and whistleblower news, I am wondering and pondering our freedom and safety. Several years ago, while President George W. Bush was in the White House, I was very conflicted about the wars and the direction he was taking our nation. Overtime and being much younger I was swayed to believe that he was doing the right thing. (I am not so sure about all that now) And, maybe many things he did were right, but only time will tell.

One thing for certain in my heart is the freedoms taken away from you and I in the Patriot Act were very wrong. I think Thomas Jefferson would be very disappointed if he knew what was happening in this country today. He would be disgraced to know that the words that he wrote in our Declaration of Independence were forgotten.

This Patriot act was imposed on us in the guise of safety. Sounds good doesn’t it? Give up our freedom to be private in our own homes, cars, work, conversations, and thoughts so we can be safe. What are we really trading? I have to say at the time the Patriot Act was put into law , I was thinking I am a good person what do I have to be afraid of? I am pretty insignificant person, they will not want to know what I am saying or doing. I was duped, and you were too.

Now that Mr.Snowden has told the world that you and I are being recorded in all our conversations on our cell phones, our computers, our Skype accounts, our google searches, and the list goes on. Now that I am seeing people being retaliated against because of their personal thoughts , feeling and ideas(example: the IRS scandals), it seems like the terror is no longer the target. I am the target. You are the target. We the People are the target of a government that has labels everyone that doesn’t agree with it as such.

This kind of government doesn’t seem very safe to me. Are we safe if we are retaliated against if we have a private thought that we spoke to our friend on the phone, in which you believed was a private conversation? Will I have to face the IRS because I posted this Blog? (If I do I am certain to let you all know about it). Are you safe if you are a liberal who has a conservative neighbor who invites you for a back yard cook out? At this point no one is safe or free.

We are not safe to have our own personal life to do with what we want. I want to be able to express my thoughts without fear of retaliation. I want to be free to work, live, and be in private. I want the Government to mind its own business, and let me mind mine.

Absent Fathers Can Lead To Depression In Teenage Girls

This blog is for all the Fathers. You are so important to our daughters and how we see the world. Please read.


0e1380145_istock000002757055mFather’s Day is coming up and I recently read a study out of the United Kingdom published in the journal Psychological Medicine that suggests that young girls who grow up without their fathers turn into depressed teenagers later in life.

It’s well known that depression tends to effect teenage girls much more than teenage boys and that trend stays the same throughout adulthood. New research is suggesting that when young girls  grow up without their fathers, the risk of depression increases with 23% of teenage girls showing signs of tiredness or sadness if they’re separated from their father before the age of five.

According to the study, it also makes them 50% more likely to develop other mental health problems compared to girls whose fathers remained in their lives.

Preschoolers are especially vulnerable with dealing with divorce and separation poorly because they generally do not have a support system of…

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Can You Be In Three Different Places at Once?

It is hard to be in two places at one time. If you have ever done it, then congratulations on your survival. I, at this point in life, am in three different places at the same time. I am quickly approaching 40 and I have one child starting a family, one that is going off to college in the fall, and one child starting high school.

With all their different needs, personal growth, financial struggles (and success’), maturing strategies, I have to say this is the best time in my life. God has been good to me.

The best way I could describe it is like a rose. At the start of my adult life it would look like a tiny bud coming on. The peddles would be the adding of my children and my husband. Now seeing them grown, almost grown, and on their way to grown, there is a sence of my rose beginning to open. With a grandchild, and all the ones that are still yet to come, there are more peddles that can be seen.

In time my rose will be in full bloom. My place will in one place, again. As I watch the roses that my children have become on their own, grow and then bloom.

Being in three places at once has been a rewarding adventure. I really like it. If my forties are this good, then I’ll be happy.