It could be worse right now.

With me focusing on all the wrong things in the world, I should take some time to focus on some things that are right.

I guess what has aggravated me lately is a book I recently read Called ” Tortured for Christ” by Richard Wurmbrand. In his book he wrote about what the Communist regime was like for the people of Romania. Soldiers were cruel and hard and Mr. Wurmbrand described them as worse than the Nazi’s. They did unspeakable things to those who didn’t agree with the government.

Some of the things that stuck in my mind were how the freedom to worship was dramatically changed. THe churches were all converted into some sort of idealist propaganda. No real belief in God, just try to be good people and live a good life. The pastors were spies for the Government and if they suspected someone was a true believer they would turn them over to the police. Those who wanted to worship God had to do so in secret.

Right now in the United States of America I have the ability to congregate with my fellow believers and worship the God of all mankind. The creator of the heavens and the earth. The Great and Might one of the universe. The Lover of my soul. The healer of my heart. The Holy one, The righteous JUdge. The Lord Most High. Right now I can do this with all my fellow Christians and not worry if I will be in prison before night fall.

The second thing that stuck in my head is how Mr. Wurmbrand talked about the Communist Collective. No individual was allowed to build a life for themselves. Everything a person owned was given over to the “collective”. For instance in the book a framer could be imprisoned for eating food from the farm he grow up on and at one time owned , but was stolen from him for the “Collective” government. If he ate his own crops he was considered a thief. Therefore, he became a slave to the “collective” on their own land.Some even starved to death. Very sad and ugly

I am so glad that right now in this country I am so far allowed to own my own property. That may soon all change , but for right now I have a roof over my head and a warm bed to sleep in. I have job and can use a portion of that income how I see fit for my family.

All in all, this was very eye-opening. The same lingo that was used then to support a tyrannical government is now being used here in USA. FRom now on, Everytime I here the word “collective” in the news or political speeches I will think of this book. Everytime religion is attacked and the words “hate speech” are used in the media I will think of what direction this country is going. At what point do we quit sitting around and saying nothing? At what point will we say stop? Will it be too late by then? Will be a new Romania?


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