If it is not broke!

I work in a manufacturing enviornment.Everything has to be working properly for the process to make a product. I am a “tinker” when I am on the line. Most bosses don’t care if the parts are perfect, just that they meet the aspects that the customer wants. I liked perfection and I would “tinker” and adjust until I felt like I was making the perfect part. My bosses would get to aggravated at me. That is when I 1st heard If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”

In our nations capital the rolls are reversed. Our leadership is tinkering with our Constitution, I am the one saying “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”THe Constitution all by itself is near perfect. Standing it alone, with the Bill of Rights, it seems to give human beings the responsibility for their own freedom, happiness, work, protection, & charity.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were written because we just came out from under a government that abused its power to enslave its citizens. The men and women were literally being murdered in the streets by British soldiers. If the people didn’t give the soldiers their demands, or spoke out against them or the government the people were retaliated against. They were over taxed and burdened with Loads of government debt. Does this sound familure yet?

YOu and I are in the same boat as the settlers in 1776. Someone decided we need to regulate this and we need to put a law against that and tinker with our constitution. We are not longer equal to our elected officials. They are now privileged to steal our land when we die(the soldeirs would do that),To tax our grandchildren for their luxurious vacations( the king did this), to enslave us to their bankers( our government has done this).They are trying to opress our speach, and take away our protections.

If the Vice President doesn’t think that ordinary citizens care about the Constitution he is right. The extrodinary citizens do. That is you and me.And, if you don’t care about it now you will soon enough, because you are in the same boat as the rest of us. You to will be arrest for speaking, you too will be stolen from, and murdered in the streets by a government who thinks it is above the law.

They tinkered with the Constitution and for us to fix what they broke is this-The answer to “1984” is 1776_ALex Jones


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