It’s not that complicated!

There is a commercial out that has a bunch of kids who come up with different answers to questions. The scenarios they come up with are cute and sweet and totally illogical. The commercial ends with the words “It’s not that Complicated”.

It seems this should be the same mentality of the government. With every new bill passed, every new law put in place, and every new executive order our lives get more and more complicated. Take for instance This year I finally got a raise of 2%. THis is the 1st raise I had gotten in several years. the congress has given themselves raises even during a failing economy. Now the very week I get a raise. My payroll taxes increase 2%. How is that even ok?

How about this complicated mess. I am now unable to afford hamburger. Inflation has increased so much that I am no longer able to live the same standard of living that I am used to. The reason why? tax increases and inflation sparked by poor governmental choices.Things like Bailing out BIG Banks. The inflation is a direct result of that choice in such a short amount of time. It bothers me that we bailed out banks that were going under and somehow right after they had enough money to spend on commercials that were false advertisement. They should have announced that ” if you bank with us you may lose your home and have to file bankruptcy within the next year. Sorry about your luck.”By the way we are giving everyone in our executive office a BIGGG Bonus.”that would have been a more honest commercial.

How about going to my yearly check up and my Doctor telling me, after knowing that I have had two female surgeries, that I only need an exam once every two years because my government says so. I get the feeling that someone is trying to kill me and it isn’t my husband. Isn’t that over stepping some boundaries in my life. Why should they care when and how many exams I get, If I am paying for them?

This is just a few things. I could go on all day.

If I were to run for office My campagne slogan would be ” It’s not that complicated”. You don’t have to pass a bill to see what is in it. You don’t need a million pages to get a point across in a bill. You don’t need all these governmental agencies , like the NSA, The IRS, The DHS, the TSA. They are just blood sucking useless agencies that are violating our rights everyday with adding very little value to our economy and safety.

How about getting out of the United Nations. Why in the world are a part of something that has no respect for the sovereignty of nations. We don’t need them and they don’t need us. They just make our life more complicated by wanting us to adapt their laws as our own. Or, how about shutting down NAFTA and securing our borders. Both to the north and the south of us. That is the only way to make things FAIR. People coming into this country will have a better chance of making a better wage that way.

How about taking care of the security of our own country by having our troops state side.Instead of spying on everyone in the world How about not starting wars and giving guns to people who think 911 was a heroic event.Hey in case you didn’t know al-Qaeda is not our friend. For real.

How about letting people live simple peaceful lives without governmental interference. People thrive when given the opportunity to do so on their own.I belive in letting us help one another in love.I feeling better helping my neighbor then being taxed into it.

So here is my plea. How about over turning our government completely. You see you have people in there that believe they will never be voted out. They have been in for many years and they feel like they don’t have to listen to the people over their own pockets. THis how we can do it. Next election vote on every single underdog. Don’t vote for a single republican or democrat. Vote for every single alternative possible. I think we can get enough new people in Washington to stop the mess, to go a new direction, to have new and better ideas, and are not part of the maddness.I think we should give them a chance to make things a lot less complicated.

Most of these guys don’t have big media support. We well know now that the media had an agenda to get in office who they wanted in office. The alternative candisates aren’t taking big money from elitist groups, so they don’t have big fancy bank accounts and commercials. They can’t advertise as well. All of that is no reason to say they will not be a good candidate for Washington. You and I have to get past what we see and look more at what our officials do. Don’t you think? The madness and complication are our fault. We the people put them in. Let’s get them out!!!!


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