Freedom or Safety?

In the recent scandals and whistleblower news, I am wondering and pondering our freedom and safety. Several years ago, while President George W. Bush was in the White House, I was very conflicted about the wars and the direction he was taking our nation. Overtime and being much younger I was swayed to believe that he was doing the right thing. (I am not so sure about all that now) And, maybe many things he did were right, but only time will tell.

One thing for certain in my heart is the freedoms taken away from you and I in the Patriot Act were very wrong. I think Thomas Jefferson would be very disappointed if he knew what was happening in this country today. He would be disgraced to know that the words that he wrote in our Declaration of Independence were forgotten.

This Patriot act was imposed on us in the guise of safety. Sounds good doesn’t it? Give up our freedom to be private in our own homes, cars, work, conversations, and thoughts so we can be safe. What are we really trading? I have to say at the time the Patriot Act was put into law , I was thinking I am a good person what do I have to be afraid of? I am pretty insignificant person, they will not want to know what I am saying or doing. I was duped, and you were too.

Now that Mr.Snowden has told the world that you and I are being recorded in all our conversations on our cell phones, our computers, our Skype accounts, our google searches, and the list goes on. Now that I am seeing people being retaliated against because of their personal thoughts , feeling and ideas(example: the IRS scandals), it seems like the terror is no longer the target. I am the target. You are the target. We the People are the target of a government that has labels everyone that doesn’t agree with it as such.

This kind of government doesn’t seem very safe to me. Are we safe if we are retaliated against if we have a private thought that we spoke to our friend on the phone, in which you believed was a private conversation? Will I have to face the IRS because I posted this Blog? (If I do I am certain to let you all know about it). Are you safe if you are a liberal who has a conservative neighbor who invites you for a back yard cook out? At this point no one is safe or free.

We are not safe to have our own personal life to do with what we want. I want to be able to express my thoughts without fear of retaliation. I want to be free to work, live, and be in private. I want the Government to mind its own business, and let me mind mine.


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