Can You Be In Three Different Places at Once?

It is hard to be in two places at one time. If you have ever done it, then congratulations on your survival. I, at this point in life, am in three different places at the same time. I am quickly approaching 40 and I have one child starting a family, one that is going off to college in the fall, and one child starting high school.

With all their different needs, personal growth, financial struggles (and success’), maturing strategies, I have to say this is the best time in my life. God has been good to me.

The best way I could describe it is like a rose. At the start of my adult life it would look like a tiny bud coming on. The peddles would be the adding of my children and my husband. Now seeing them grown, almost grown, and on their way to grown, there is a sence of my rose beginning to open. With a grandchild, and all the ones that are still yet to come, there are more peddles that can be seen.

In time my rose will be in full bloom. My place will in one place, again. As I watch the roses that my children have become on their own, grow and then bloom.

Being in three places at once has been a rewarding adventure. I really like it. If my forties are this good, then I’ll be happy.


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