Currently un-titled

A beautiful tribute to our Glorious God

written by Mary Custer



As I peer through the long windows at the back of the house I realize this is an ordinary day in my life. A fire in the stove warms my body and my soul, the chores are undone and that is a pleasure I have enjoyed as of late. 
Two plump fox squirrels are frolicking with one another and their antics cause a smile to form across my face. They eagerly await any seeds the birds reject from the feeders across the yard. They rest their feet on their bellies as if in prayer for their bounty as they feed.
The ice forms on the ground in puzzle-like pieces; fragile and delicate. Sliding across the freezing blades of grass are tree limbs which have been torn from their branches. The wind showed no favor in it’s selection.
The birds are in haste to get their first and perhaps only meal of the day. They fly and flit to the sprawling trees above them to share the news of feed with their neighbors. All except the blue jay. He is bossy and territorial as he claims more than his share.
The brilliant red cardinals come in pairs, feed in pairs and are clannish in their socialization.
The icy glaze on the pond beckons my presence and I am in awe of what may be having a long winter nap beneath the ice.
The wind chills me to the bone as I gaze at the majesty of the naked beauty of the statelty trees that will shade me from the heat of summer in a few weeks.
The rich taste of winter gathers in my nostrils and I laugh in remembrance of a snow-laddened hill that Dad and I treasured. He would hold me tightly as we zoomed down the hill and across the frozen pond on the rickety old sled. All was right in the world. The pond would become liquid refreshment for the cows during the warm months of summer so we savored the thrill of speed and glistening snow on our eye lashes.
A fresh cup of warm tea is my reward and I will savor the last drops as they end too quickly.
This day….this ordinary day….is extraordinary.


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