Life eternal

When I was in High School I had a chemistry teacher who often turned our class into a discussion in life. Life after High School mainly. He was a wise man and I think about how I should have listened more closely in his class.911 teachers clip art blackboard

I see my kids and all they still have to learn about life and I sometimes feel like we are trying to cram all there is to know about it in the short 18 years we are intrusted by God to guide them.

There is so much to teach: How to love,How to forgive, how to be kind, how to manage money, how to have good work ethic, how to form friendships, Opposite sex to have self-control, how to not pick up a poisonous snake( yes, I really had to do that), and the list is almost endless. I am sure you can add many more things to the list. 

One thing that I fall very short on is teaching them that life is eternal. That after our bodies are dead to this physical realm that our spirit lives. Where it lives has only to do with one thing. Their relationship with Christ.I talk to them all the time about Christ and their relationship to him in this world. How it effects how they look at the world around them. I can’t remember if I told them that it isn’t about how good your are or about how bad. that gives you eternal life. A lot of good people will be in hell. I am not always a good person and I will be in heaven.

Paul was a murderer. He will be in heaven. How does that work? It all has to do with our relationship with Christ.Eternaty is set in our hearts from the beginning. This will be one of the most grown-up conversations I will ever have with my kids, but one worth the effort.


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