I am sure there is a lot of blogs about Worship. From who we worship to how we worship. I have been serving God for more than 10 years now, but I just got a huge revelation.

This past weekend we had a conference on the subject of praise and worship.The speaker was Pastor Dan Palmer  from the Atlanta Dream Center. I was taken back the first night when he began talking about God and how we want to serve ourselves and be our own god. The whole conference was about humbling ourselves before Him and allowing Him to be King of our lives.More over about living the culture of God.

I Began to examine my life. I have done a lot of things in the church. I love to serve, but I looked at it and saw how much I did just for pats on the back. I was really serving me and my kingdom. I also looked at my prayers. I would thank God for everything. I know that is good to do.We should have a thankful heart. But, I had to question did I really love Him.

The past 10 years I served God because He LOVED me. I served Him for what he could do for me. But when I prayed I felt it strange or hard to say” God, I love you”. 

During this conference I decided that I wanted to love God and let him be King of my life. That I was not going to be Satisfies with just Him loving me. I want to love Him, and I do love Him, just for who He is not for what he can do.

I know this may not make a lot of sence to a lot of people. To worship God is to be off the throne of your life. To praise Him is to Love him for who He is.



5 thoughts on “Worship

  1. Good morning. I was wondering if I might use your photo of the man on his face in prayer? If it is not yours, could you tell me where to find the owner. I want to use it as a background for one of our worship songs at church. Thank you.

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