Puttin’ It Aside

     Life throws a lot of ingredients at us and we have to make the best thing we can out of them. When reading a recipe you often come across after mixing something the words  put it aside. That means you have to put something aside that you will use later. In your mixture. What ever it is.

   Sometimes you have to put you own idea’s aside and work with the ingredients you have left. You maybe able to work them in later or maybe not.

    I just found out that my 21-year-old who isn’t married is having a baby. No it is not the best situation for bring a child into the world, nor do I believe in the life choice of not being married and living with someone. 

    But, I believe in life.I believe that God has a purpose for all living humans and in that I am truly happy for my daughter.

     In this recipe I get a grandchild and an addition to my family.An expantion of the legacy of my husband. One more person to love. So, I putting aside the feelings of how this baby came to be and adding the ingredients of  a new life that God has designed.


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