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Don’t you know this is the wrong season for this?

I told this to the ladies( chickens) who are insisted on being a mom’s so late in the fall. I know they don’t understand me, and even if they did they probably wouldn’t care.

One of my ladies, Blue Juice II, couldn’t resist. She sat on her egg for 3 weeks. Oh, how I worried for her. Is she eating enough? Is she drinking? What is she going to do with her chick when it is snowing outside? Doesn’t she know this is a bad time of year to be a mama?I think the mama instincts are more prevalent than her natural seasonal instincts. We have a new baby and a momma who is doing great with it so far. But, we’ll see.chicks-under-wings

A lot of people are like this. They are so involved with themselves they can’t see what is really going on in the world today. Therefore they are making decisions for the here and now and not thinking about what is going to happen on down the road.

The bible tells us we are living in the endtimes. Just saying that brings one of two things to your mind immediately. Either fear of the future, or the thought that I have just lost my mind. Let’s face it though, those are the same psychological tactics we use when we don’t want to face a reality. We want to ignore what is happening so we don’t have to face them, just like Blue Juice and her baby and winter is coming even if she doesn’t care.

The truth is that the endtimes started 2000 years ago, and everything God said will happen to that point happened, historically and biblically.Jesus himself fulfilled over 300 prophacies.Now isn’t that eye-opening. So, who are we to say that everything God said would happen isn’t going to. Some of it already has and continues to happen to this day.

So, is it time to look around and prepare for what is to come? To take a real look at our hearts and the view of this world and see it through Gods eyes? How would that change you? Maybe you want to live with your naturel eyes, and close the your spiritual ones so you don’t have to think about it.

The bible uses a parable to describe you.Matthew25:1-4

Then the Kingdom of Heaven will be like ten bridesmaids who took their lamps and went to meet the bridegroom.Five of them were foolish, and five were wise.

The five who were foolish didn’t take enough olive oil for their lamps,but the other five were wise enough to take along extra oil.

So, what one describes  you? Just food for thought.


Life eternal

When I was in High School I had a chemistry teacher who often turned our class into a discussion in life. Life after High School mainly. He was a wise man and I think about how I should have listened more closely in his class.911 teachers clip art blackboard

I see my kids and all they still have to learn about life and I sometimes feel like we are trying to cram all there is to know about it in the short 18 years we are intrusted by God to guide them.

There is so much to teach: How to love,How to forgive, how to be kind, how to manage money, how to have good work ethic, how to form friendships, Opposite sex to have self-control, how to not pick up a poisonous snake( yes, I really had to do that), and the list is almost endless. I am sure you can add many more things to the list. 

One thing that I fall very short on is teaching them that life is eternal. That after our bodies are dead to this physical realm that our spirit lives. Where it lives has only to do with one thing. Their relationship with Christ.I talk to them all the time about Christ and their relationship to him in this world. How it effects how they look at the world around them. I can’t remember if I told them that it isn’t about how good your are or about how bad. that gives you eternal life. A lot of good people will be in hell. I am not always a good person and I will be in heaven.

Paul was a murderer. He will be in heaven. How does that work? It all has to do with our relationship with Christ.Eternaty is set in our hearts from the beginning. This will be one of the most grown-up conversations I will ever have with my kids, but one worth the effort.


I am sure there is a lot of blogs about Worship. From who we worship to how we worship. I have been serving God for more than 10 years now, but I just got a huge revelation.

This past weekend we had a conference on the subject of praise and worship.The speaker was Pastor Dan Palmer  from the Atlanta Dream Center. I was taken back the first night when he began talking about God and how we want to serve ourselves and be our own god. The whole conference was about humbling ourselves before Him and allowing Him to be King of our lives.More over about living the culture of God.

I Began to examine my life. I have done a lot of things in the church. I love to serve, but I looked at it and saw how much I did just for pats on the back. I was really serving me and my kingdom. I also looked at my prayers. I would thank God for everything. I know that is good to do.We should have a thankful heart. But, I had to question did I really love Him.

The past 10 years I served God because He LOVED me. I served Him for what he could do for me. But when I prayed I felt it strange or hard to say” God, I love you”. 

During this conference I decided that I wanted to love God and let him be King of my life. That I was not going to be Satisfies with just Him loving me. I want to love Him, and I do love Him, just for who He is not for what he can do.

I know this may not make a lot of sence to a lot of people. To worship God is to be off the throne of your life. To praise Him is to Love him for who He is.


Puttin’ It Aside

     Life throws a lot of ingredients at us and we have to make the best thing we can out of them. When reading a recipe you often come across after mixing something the words  put it aside. That means you have to put something aside that you will use later. In your mixture. What ever it is.

   Sometimes you have to put you own idea’s aside and work with the ingredients you have left. You maybe able to work them in later or maybe not.

    I just found out that my 21-year-old who isn’t married is having a baby. No it is not the best situation for bring a child into the world, nor do I believe in the life choice of not being married and living with someone. 

    But, I believe in life.I believe that God has a purpose for all living humans and in that I am truly happy for my daughter.

     In this recipe I get a grandchild and an addition to my family.An expantion of the legacy of my husband. One more person to love. So, I putting aside the feelings of how this baby came to be and adding the ingredients of  a new life that God has designed.