I have learned a lot in just a short period of time. I recently took a bus trip to see my sister in an other state. The bus trip was long and I ran into all kinds of people in all walks of life. Some young and some older. Some were well off and others homeless. I had conversations and I overheard conversations.

  One common theme that I took is that people are hostile. I live in a hostile world that doesn’t like me. The hostility of people who don’t know me. Who, if they ever saw me again, they would not recognize who I am. The sad part is I don’t have the same hostility toward them. I general feel compassion for people. It is the innate instinct of my nature to love them. Not because I am just this really good person, but because the new creation that Christ has made in me.

You see these people didn’t like Christ. They have this false idea of who He is. They think He is judgmental and angry, and they accuse Him of the very hostility they are portraying  towards Him.

In my mind I see  the picture of Him on the Cross and saying “Father forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing.” John 3:17 says that Jesus came into they world not to condemn it, but to save it. (paraphrased by me).

With a very heavy heart I want to say that I love this world, and like Christ, I passionately love those who are in it. 

Blessing-Mrs. Writeword.


2 thoughts on “The Bus

  1. We are, no doubt, call to love everyone. But the reality is that the more we look like Christ the more the world will hate us. The more we love the people, the more love hurts. I guess that is why the Bible tells us that love is long suffering. I can understand your heavy heart!

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