Millie and Mom

May your father and mother be glad; may she who gave you birth rejoice!Proverbs 23:25

I had a chicken once named Millie.She was a Surama which is a very small bantam bread of chicken.The other chickens ,although they  were also bantam(de Uccle’s), were quite a bit bigger then her.  

Millie became broody,and was insistent on setting and hatching out chicks. She was unable to produce good eggs, so she stole eggs that the other chickens laid. 

After she hatch out four of them she tucked them under her wings and kept them very close to her. The chick’s grew, and in a few weeks after she hatched them they were bigger then she was. It was funny to watch her still tucking these chicks under her small wings to protect them. They soon out grew her and then she was ready to do it again. She was a good mom.

My mom was like her. She protected me and watched over me until I was too big to fit under her wings. She tought me some very essential things about how to be an adult, and showed me how to be independent, but when ever I  needed her wings were open for me. They still are.

I just want to thank God for a good mom. I hope she is proud of the mother she raised.

Happy Birthday to “The Best Mom In the World”



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