I know Mother’s Day is just around the corner,and I know that being a mom isn’t always the rewarding idea we picture the day our kids were born.So, I am going to tell you a story,about when I wasn’t a so great mom.

One time when me son was very young,about 6 years old, he constantly followed me around calling my name,Mom, mom, mom,mom.I couldn’t seem to get anything done. I was constantly interrupted from daily chores to see what he wanted. I was starting to be hormonal and frustrated. I confided in my husband and told him how sometimes I feel like I just can’t bear to hear mom one more time.So, I changed my name for a whole day. I announced to my husband and kids, today I am not honey, dear, or mom, I want to be called Patty.It was just a name I came up with off the top of my head.

My son had a really hard time with it. He just couldn’t call me Patty. Every time he did you could see the distress on his face. That night as I tucked him into bed and said his prayers he says “God bless Patty, and thank you God for my mom.”After that I never wanted to be Patty again.


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