Brace Yourself

It  always seems weird to me that I have the same reaction to changes as I do riding a roller coaster. I hate roller coasters by the way. Climbing the stairs a mile high just to come down in a less than three minute thrill never enthused me.

First of all, I have a healthy rational fear of falling. Some people call it being scared of heights. It’s not how high I am that I think about when I am in a high place. It is how far down and the thought of dying if I managed some how to fall from that place that I fear.

I have ridden a few roller coasters  in my time. Very few. The closer I get to the coaster in line the more anxious I feel and not the happy birthday kind of  anxious either. My breath gets shorter and shorter as the seat belt clickes around me. I think to my self “If I make it out alive, I will NEVER do this again.” 

Then the coaster starts down the track. I close my eyes as tight as I can. I tens up every muscle in my body. I do not dare scream because  it might make the car come off the tracks. Away it runs down the tracks as I brace myself for impact, and just as I stop breathing completely the ride is over.

I have noticed I do a lot of the same reaction when a sudden life change happens. Panic sets in before I can even say wait “a minute I am not ready yet.”What I have discovered is when the ride is over and my nerves began to settle , I would do it again.Usually,in life changes however hard they may be, most of them I wouldn’t change for the world.

So, don’t close your eyes, don’t brace yourself. Just enjoy the ride, and SCREAM.

Quick note: I am still working up the bravery to ride the Diamondback at Kings  IsLand in the picture above.


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