Clinched Fisted or Open-Hearted

We are living in a time when people have lost the true meaning of charity. Not surprising to me considering that we have a world view that seems to be “every man for himself ” Or, “I am in it for my self”.Then those who say ” I did it for myself”,or, “I am a Self made man.” We have some how became a world with a lot of individual gods. We have become our own god in our own eye’s.

We are Clinched fisted and closed-minded. Some of us on the inside. Others of us in every way. We blind our hearts to what is real so we can feel good about not getting involved or being giving. When we see those in need we make excuses. We make it all out to be their own fault or their problem.

We even tell ourselves that it is someone elses responsibility to take care of the poor, the needy, the heart-broken, the addict, the lonely, the widow, the orphan, the elderly, the infant, the single mom, the diseased, the incarcerated, the hurting soldier, the family,  the un-lovely.

This is how Jesus approached this subject. Luke 18:18-24

There is a young man in the bible that approached Jesus with a “I” centered life.He came to Jesus wanting to fallow him. On the outside he seemed to be a nice honest man.He seemed good in every way. There were things on the inside that was much different then he appeared to be.

Jesus exposed the outside first. He names off a few commandments and the young man said “I have kept them all.”

Then Jesus examined the inside. He said”You still lack one thing”. The young man was probably thinking I have everything I have ever wanted. He was refered to in the bible as the rich young ruler. He had more than enough. Then Jesus said ” Sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” the young man went away sad the bible says,because he was  very wealthy.

He was so blinded by his wealth that He couldn’t see the offer Jesus was giving him.He was so Clinched fisted that he walked away sad,broken-hearted ,and hurting due to the greed in his heart.

Every time we withhold a due apology. We are walking away from the savior sad. Every time we hold on to our money that we know God wants to use for his kingdom, we are walking away sad.Every time we choose not to give our time to help someone,we are walking away. Every time we choose our selfishness over God’s will we are just like this rich young ruler. Turning away the offer Jesus has for us to be our own god.

How much would it change the world if we used ourselves to help others?What would it  take to step outside of the “I’s” and “me’s” and started living with a heart of charity? What would it be like if we could open our hearts and hands to someone new, or different, or to give the apology or forgiveness’ that we have with held?Could being charitable be the very thing that brings you closer to a savior?


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