To Love Like That

My niece is getting married soon. All the tenderness of a true love can be seen when you look at this beautiful blushing bride.I thought, as I gazed at her  opening her presents at her shower, how this Journey will be on of the hardest  she will ever take at times. It will also be the most rewarding. It only begins at the “I do’s” and then there is forever after.

She is a wonderful lady and a blessing all the way around. She understands the power of family and the hard work of marriage. Her parents have been married a long time, and have been a wonderful example of marriage for  her. Over her 21 years of life she has seen a lot of ups and downs with her parents.She has also saw how they are strong enough to last through anything. This example is a legacy for her. 

Something I saw the other day made me think a lot a about being happily married.It was a much older couple in the car parked right in front of me. I was sitting there watching them while I waited for my daughter to go into the store. This older, partially bold, short,  wrinkled  gentlemen came out all smiles  with a big plastic blue ball. As he looked over at the lady you could see the conversation going on. Then he took the ball and headed straight back into the store. I thought, why is he taking the ball back? It seemed to make him so happy. So, being curious like I am, I was determined to buy him that ball. I followed him in and asked him if everything was ok. He asked me why. I told him I saw him coming back in with the ball. He said with a huge grin, “she wanted pink.”I understood that he loved her so much that he wanted her happiness more than anything. I headed back to the car and sat and watched. The lady saw the pink ball as he walked towards the car. She was so overwhelmed by this that she had to turn her head to keep him from seeing her giddy laughter. As he opened the door they both began to laugh and talk and smile. I couldn’t imagine something as simple as a pink plastic ball could show so much love.To her is was like he just gave her the world. To him it was worth it just to see her smile.

This is the kind of love is what I want my niece to have.One that says when we are very old he will still go back and get me the ball I wanted just because my happiness is more important to him then anything. I also, want her to know that loving him the same way will be one of the greatest treasure they will ever find on earth.

Blessings to Steph and Tim.


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