Secret War on Women

I usually don’t write about things that have a political charm to them,but I came across an article the other day that I can’t quit thinking about. A women was saying the church has a war against women.I just want to set the record straight.

This article was wrapped around religious leaders who think that birth control mandate in the insurance policies are against their religious freedom. Another words if the church particularly the Catholic church doesn’t support birth control then this means they hate women.

Even though I am not Catholic I think they have a point considering the history of the start of birth control. It had its beginnings in 1916 with a lady named Margret Sanger. Her intention was not to help women but to hurt them. She started the war against women. She hated them.

You see her main goal was to have a superior  society. A pre-dominantly  white upper class with wiping out people of color, the poor, the mentally ill,and the simple-minded. She was in a sence the white female Hitler with her obsessions with a thing called eugenics . Actually, she was the person Hitler got his idea’s for the holocaust from.She purposly put her “clinics” in poor black neighborhoods to draw women who were poor and scared to come  in for sterilization. I know the truth hurts ,but the war on women is not in the church.

The results are staggering. We have more unwanted pregnancy among the young teen-aged women then we ever have. We have sex running ramped in our media. We have devalued the meaning of sex and the marriage bed. STD’s have been on the rise ever since.The war against women is to make them hurt enough on the inside that they can’t help anyone on the outside.

It degrades us.It devalues us. It torchers the souls of young women who have lived in tremendous regrets. Many times I have met young women who are carrying the pain and shame of a sexual experience that ended in rejection. It is hard to watch the tear’s of some one who just wanted to be loved so badly. But, you see…………………………………………………………….

Jesus was the 1st women’s advocate. Let’s face it women loved Him. He wouldn’t stone an adulterous women. The lady at the well, he offered her something that she couldn’t refuse. He allowed a sinner to wash his feet with her tears. Mary and Margaret  followed Him.Most of all he had a mother. He showed them all true love.

He has shown me true love, the kind no one else could ever show.

So, does the church have a war. Yes, it is a war to save and protect women. It is to take care of the single mom. It is to love the un-lovely.The church provides, protects, and serves women no matter their past or their circumstances. I will stand in this war for women.The war for you.


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