The family unit is an complicated thing. It seems each person has a roll. My husband is the fixer of all things.He can fix everything from the car to my daughters broken heart. I am the home mood stabilizer. I set the mood in the house and make the house a soft place to fall. As you can see we all have to work together to make it work. everyone plays a part.If one of us is not functioning then everyone suffers.It hurts.But, when everyone is functioning then it is easier on all of us.

I love my family.All of them.The ones that live here and the ones that don’t. Without them I lose the support I need to function.They are important to me.

There is another family that also brings out my best. That is my spiritual family. The one I was born into over 10 years ago. Just like a family at your home, this family has a way in which it functions, If one person isn’t functioning then it effect everyone else.What should we do for them? Pull to gether and support them. We should support them and help them back on their feet.We should pray for them.Everything you would do for your own kids or parents or siblings.

Here is what the Christ puts it this way:

For whoever does the will of my

Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”



If we are to like Christ then those who are in your church are your brother,sister, mother,&father.He wants us to treat them like family. Do you love your family? Then you should love the family that God placed in your life.Amen.

Above all, love each other deeply, I Peter 4:8a





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