Recently I came across a penny. It was a 1943 wheat penny. It looked different , old, and even Ugly.  I thought I might look into it a bit. I found that the more unique or even flawed that a coin is the more it is worth.A penny isn’t worth much unless it is unique or rare. 

My Penny was worth  $.03. Even if it not that rare it is worth more than a plain  regular penny of today.

Now if my penny were one year newer(1944) it could have been remarkably worth a lot more.Not because of it being made by different material, or it looking much different . You may not even know that something was different unless you knew something about coins. You see the 1944 was minted wrong.That makes it rare. The  flaw is what  gives the coin  its worth.

In this world of people who are forged from the same mold;where people may look down on someone who doesn’t look, act, maybe even believe like them, I am glad to be minted with a double ear( you coin collectors will know what that is). God made us all different. Instead of trying to fit the mold, Try being who God made you to be. You are more valuable that way.


2 thoughts on “Unique

  1. i love your blog, the colors and the coffee mug; it seems like a nice and sweet hot chocolate! I like your encouraging words as you remind us of our uniqueness. Also, I can see, that many times the world or even the people at our churches can’t see our uniqueness and how special we are for the Lord, but thank God for Jesus and His mighty prophets that are able to see beyond our humanity! Keep up the good work!

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