Support in Life Changes

I spent all last week whining about the lack of support for my new diet. My family just doesn’t want to get on board. I know they are trying. They have actually tried the chicken strips wrapped in lettuce. Kind of like this picture. It Look’s yummy doesn’t it?( hear the sarcasm). My loving husband said, “that was good, honey”. I know he was trying to make me feel better about the absent bread. 

No this is not fun,but I have stuck it out since Christmas. Yes, this is more than just a new years resolution. It is something I have to live with for the rest of my life.

Life changes are so hard,but we choose them. Not because they are easy,but because they are worth it. Like getting Married, having a baby, going back to school, moving to a new house,starting a better job, or giving your life to Christ.

All of those life changes require us giving up something in our lives for a greater good. With marriage you give up independence for love and commitment. With having a baby you give up your sleep, time,and  your needs for your babies needs.With going back to school you give up time and money to become less ignorant , a better example to your kids, and to provide a better life for your family. When moving to a new house, you give up comfort and security of your old house, for a dream. A new job can bring new stress for maybe a bigger paycheck( or these days to have a paycheck).Giving your life to Christ will require you to give up things you never thought you could, and the reward that you get is eternal life. Let’s see, give up negative behaviors & lifestyles for eternal life. Wow, that one is a bargain.

  Now back to me whining. I had a heart change this week. In my time with the Lord I felt him speak to my heart. He told me that maybe if I were more supportive to my family(especially one in particular person) then I would get more support in return. It made sense to me. Anyway that is what I am going to do this week. I am going to Quit whining.I will stop thinking of only  what I am going through ,and think of how everyone is effected by this change. I am going to try to help them adjust to a healthier lifestyle. It probably will not be easy,but worth it.

Next time you are going through a hard situation,or life change, try putting your focus on some one who might be going through it, too.You just might find that you are getting more than enough support for what you are going through.

I also want to say thanks to my sister who lives 600 mi. away. She has been the most encouraging. And, last week when I was having my pity party she wouldn’t let me give up.Sister’s are the best.


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