The Storm

This evening a storm began to brew in what seemed to be right above my head. The clouds were all dark , and hanging down like certain in the sky in one direction. In the other direction there were glimpses of pale blue sky with light. It all gave me an eerie feeling in my stomach.

Recently in our area there were tornadoes that wiped out entire towns. Just like a storm to turn lives completely upside down. In those times it seems that is when people pull together and join the greater good for all. The truth is it will take time to recover from such tragedy. It will take some months and others years.

In my own life I have experienced such storms but not in a literal sense. Things have knocked me down. Sometimes it took days to recover. Other times it took years. The only tragedy would have been is if I never recovered.

God answered Job in the storm ( Job 38:1). Think about it. Who else would ever go through it with you if not your Heavenly  Father? If you are in a storm then take comfort in that. Pull Close to Him for your greater good.


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