Sinful Woman

Luke 7:36-50 I read this story in the bible of the women who washes the Saviors feet. She was a sinful woman.One that carried her shame. Everyone obviously knew her and knew what she had done. There was nothing hidden, except her heart. She saved that for someone special. She was looking to be loved and I am sure one man after the next told her that he loved her only to reject her. Builded up in her heart was the pain of rejection and the shame of what she had become. Those things had kept her for so long bound up.Making the same mistakes over and over again.

 This women needed to be free from all the pain she had on the inside. She was determined to meet the Savior.She had a plan. She bought a jar of perfume. She took it to the place Jesus was going to eat and began to cry washing his feet with her tears. All of that hurt inside coming out in sobs. The release that she didn’t have to hide from her sin anymore was over-whelming.

She didn’t know that the very feet she washed with her tears would be pierced for the sins of the world. The perfume that she poured over them would carry into the scriptures for generations.She didn’t care that she would be famous not only for her past, but also her present.She just wanted one thing and only this man could give it to her.

The response of the master is an over whelming thought. He pointed out that for those forgiven much, loves much.His words to her are this: V.50 Jesus said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.”

No more did she have to feel that guilt, shame, or rejection on the inside of her. No longer did she have to feel the scorn of others as they gossiped about her. The whispers as she walked be the people on the street no longer had to phase her. She was free.She was forgiven.She was loved by the Master.


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