No Pain, No Gain

We have all heard it said “no pain,no gain”.

It is true.My problem is I don’t like pain. I will avoid it at all cost. If I know there will be pain involved I will go out of my way to take another route.

There have been some challenges in my life in which I have been unable to avoid the pain.I was faced with it and the only way to face it was head on. No looking back.Just going forward.It is about building character.Doing or Facing things you thought you never could take great courage. It takes great strength.

Recently,I started exercising. I have avoided it for years.It is real apparent that I have.My mother once said

“If you do what is easy now it will be much harder later”

And, she couldn’t have been more right.I hate to excersise.It hurts to do at the moment.It causes my muscles to ache and it is not real fun for me.

Although I hate it I have to face this and push through it to get healthy again. I want to be healthy, but I can’t without facing the pain . Trust me, if I could I would.

This isn’t been the only time I had to face a painful challenge. Each time I do it makes me stronger .I have faced these challenges when I quit smoking(addiction),dealt with past abuse(emotional health), learned to forgive others that wronged me(personal growth), and when I have learned to forgive myself(spiritual growth).

If you are facing a painful situation here are some things to do that will help:

1. Remember the end result or what is being accomplished by facing the Pain.For me, this time,it will to be healthy.There is no other way to accomplish this but to face the pain of excercise.

2. Remember you are not doing this alone.The Lord said that he would never leave you. Every time I have to face a Painful Challenge I pray and Ask the Lord to help me through it. He has never failed me yet. He has walked me through each step of the way.

3.Get support. Tell someone what you are facing and see if they will support you and be you cheerleader.Your will need it. Last year I was facing a dire family situation, I had a friend that would listen to me and pray with me no matter what or where or why. She was my support through it.

4.Have accountablity. This could be a person, measuring device(scale), a chart, or even a journal. Anything that will help you see your progress toward the end result. This will help keep you on course. Don’t beat yourself up if you lose ground at any point. Forgive yourself, pray, and start again. Beating yourself up causes defeat.You are not defeated unless you quit.

5. Don’t try changing everything at once. One thing at a time is all you need. Everything that I have faced so far I have done when the Lord has led me to . He knows when I am ready . He loves me enough to not let me go through more pain then I can bear.

I hope that as you face Painful challenges in your life, that you not give up. I hope that ,just as I did, you find it worth the pain in the end. There are still many things that I will have to face in this life,but with Gods help I know that I can.


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