Like a Real Classic

Most years my boss lets me have a calendar from one of the venders. I usually try to get the classic car one. I really like classic cars. I always have. I don’t know much about them, but I do know one when I see it. I love the way that some are big and pointy, and they appear to have faces.

This month we have a 1961 blue Imperial. She is lovely and classy.She looks like and Old man in the front with over grown eyebrows over the headlights. In the back she looks like a space ship getting ready for take off with the high finders that come to a sharp point. Then you have the little round tail lights that seem to beam like rocket fire when coming to a stop. Shiny chrome all over the outside for detail and don’t forget the white wall tires. They just make the magic move.Wow, what a beautiful car.

I imagine her going through years of abuse and neglect. She started out as someones everyday car. She drove him to work and she took the family on vacations, but one day she was no longer pleasing to the owner and he sold her. The new owner drove her until her transmission gave out then parked her in his yard where she sat for years, rusting and wasting away.

I imagine that one day an older gentleman came by and saw her. Said to himself what a beauty. She was a mess and he saw beauty. He bought the car took her home and restored her to the glamour girl she is today. Now she is blue and Shiny with chrome and white walls.She is a real class(y)ic.

I am a lot like this car i have imagined. I was young once and pretty and I didn’t take care of myself. I was ran down physically, and I had good guts, but I had some transmission problems. But, you see some one has come along name Jesus and he   is restoring me to my former beauty. inside and out. I am not quit there yet,but he sees in me things nobody else does. He saw’s more than just my potential. He saw a real Class(y)ic Lady.


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