Life’s Journey

At first I could not see

What life’s journey had for me

nor could I walk that  first step

For it began with my  first breath.


As life toddles on

I soon became big and strong

Childhood came and went

before I knew what it all meant


Then Childhood was gone

And adolescents moved in

That is when I knew

I could never be a child again


Soon life’s journey blossomed a new rose

With children of my own

 Adolescents since long gone

But life’s journey still moved along.


Then came an empty house

All that there  was me and my spouse

But God still had many things for us to do

Life’s journey moving along there, too.


Now life’s journey comes to the end

A life full of hope to pass on to them

That loved me and I loved them

                               Life’s journey was my friend.~By Mrs. WriteWord







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