I have the most amazing Daughter anyone has ever had. She is amazing for lots of reasons.

She is beautiful. I mean she is a naturally pretty girl. Blond hair and blue eyes with long natural eye lashes, pretty teeth, & a pretty smile. And, she smiles a lot.

She is smart. She was a smart baby. She talked early, and seemed to learn quickly.She is a good student in school. Teachers lover her,They alway tell me how they wish “all their students were like her.”

She is kind and loving. She has loves deeply.Even strangers. At 13 she came to me and told me that She wanted to go to Africa and feed the hungry babies. She had to go “right now” because they were going to all die without her.

But, none of these things are the reason why I think she is amazing. It is what others point out to me,but not my reason.

She is mine. The reason she is so amazing is that I couldn’t imagine my life without her. When she was born(even before I had a relationship with Christ) I looked at her and thought ” I can’t believe God has entrusted me with this precious child”.She made me want to be a better person. Having her as my daughter means I will always have a friend. I see God through her everyday and that is AMAZING.


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