I look at my children and I see un-measurable promise. I know that they will attain some things that they set their minds to.Somethings they may not be able to attain.The point of promise isn’t about them it is about who created them. He has set everyday in motion of their lives before they were conceived.Psalms139:16

No matter what I think they can do. No matter how much I love them. No matter what they experience,both failures and successes, their maker has set them before them a life to archive His promise for them. Let’s face it, He does love them so much more than I could ever be capable of. That is more remarkable than I can ever imagine,because I love them more than life itself.

Even more remarkable is the fact He has that same life prepared for you. You have promise. I have promise.Even if you don’t see it right now. Even if you have experienced more hurt ,pain, rejection, failure,then anyone person should ever. God still has a plan for you. When He looks at you he see’s potential. He wants you to do well. He is your biggest cheerleader,literally and figuratively.

So today, remember to pray and ask God to guide you in his promises for you.


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