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To Love Like That

My niece is getting married soon. All the tenderness of a true love can be seen when you look at this beautiful blushing bride.I thought, as I gazed at her  opening her presents at her shower, how this Journey will be on of the hardest  she will ever take at times. It will also be the most rewarding. It only begins at the “I do’s” and then there is forever after.

She is a wonderful lady and a blessing all the way around. She understands the power of family and the hard work of marriage. Her parents have been married a long time, and have been a wonderful example of marriage for  her. Over her 21 years of life she has seen a lot of ups and downs with her parents.She has also saw how they are strong enough to last through anything. This example is a legacy for her. 

Something I saw the other day made me think a lot a about being happily married.It was a much older couple in the car parked right in front of me. I was sitting there watching them while I waited for my daughter to go into the store. This older, partially bold, short,  wrinkled  gentlemen came out all smiles  with a big plastic blue ball. As he looked over at the lady you could see the conversation going on. Then he took the ball and headed straight back into the store. I thought, why is he taking the ball back? It seemed to make him so happy. So, being curious like I am, I was determined to buy him that ball. I followed him in and asked him if everything was ok. He asked me why. I told him I saw him coming back in with the ball. He said with a huge grin, “she wanted pink.”I understood that he loved her so much that he wanted her happiness more than anything. I headed back to the car and sat and watched. The lady saw the pink ball as he walked towards the car. She was so overwhelmed by this that she had to turn her head to keep him from seeing her giddy laughter. As he opened the door they both began to laugh and talk and smile. I couldn’t imagine something as simple as a pink plastic ball could show so much love.To her is was like he just gave her the world. To him it was worth it just to see her smile.

This is the kind of love is what I want my niece to have.One that says when we are very old he will still go back and get me the ball I wanted just because my happiness is more important to him then anything. I also, want her to know that loving him the same way will be one of the greatest treasure they will ever find on earth.

Blessings to Steph and Tim.


Secret War on Women

I usually don’t write about things that have a political charm to them,but I came across an article the other day that I can’t quit thinking about. A women was saying the church has a war against women.I just want to set the record straight.

This article was wrapped around religious leaders who think that birth control mandate in the insurance policies are against their religious freedom. Another words if the church particularly the Catholic church doesn’t support birth control then this means they hate women.

Even though I am not Catholic I think they have a point considering the history of the start of birth control. It had its beginnings in 1916 with a lady named Margret Sanger. Her intention was not to help women but to hurt them. She started the war against women. She hated them.

You see her main goal was to have a superior  society. A pre-dominantly  white upper class with wiping out people of color, the poor, the mentally ill,and the simple-minded. She was in a sence the white female Hitler with her obsessions with a thing called eugenics . Actually, she was the person Hitler got his idea’s for the holocaust from.She purposly put her “clinics” in poor black neighborhoods to draw women who were poor and scared to come  in for sterilization. I know the truth hurts ,but the war on women is not in the church.

The results are staggering. We have more unwanted pregnancy among the young teen-aged women then we ever have. We have sex running ramped in our media. We have devalued the meaning of sex and the marriage bed. STD’s have been on the rise ever since.The war against women is to make them hurt enough on the inside that they can’t help anyone on the outside.

It degrades us.It devalues us. It torchers the souls of young women who have lived in tremendous regrets. Many times I have met young women who are carrying the pain and shame of a sexual experience that ended in rejection. It is hard to watch the tear’s of some one who just wanted to be loved so badly. But, you see…………………………………………………………….

Jesus was the 1st women’s advocate. Let’s face it women loved Him. He wouldn’t stone an adulterous women. The lady at the well, he offered her something that she couldn’t refuse. He allowed a sinner to wash his feet with her tears. Mary and Margaret  followed Him.Most of all he had a mother. He showed them all true love.

He has shown me true love, the kind no one else could ever show.

So, does the church have a war. Yes, it is a war to save and protect women. It is to take care of the single mom. It is to love the un-lovely.The church provides, protects, and serves women no matter their past or their circumstances. I will stand in this war for women.The war for you.


The family unit is an complicated thing. It seems each person has a roll. My husband is the fixer of all things.He can fix everything from the car to my daughters broken heart. I am the home mood stabilizer. I set the mood in the house and make the house a soft place to fall. As you can see we all have to work together to make it work. everyone plays a part.If one of us is not functioning then everyone suffers.It hurts.But, when everyone is functioning then it is easier on all of us.

I love my family.All of them.The ones that live here and the ones that don’t. Without them I lose the support I need to function.They are important to me.

There is another family that also brings out my best. That is my spiritual family. The one I was born into over 10 years ago. Just like a family at your home, this family has a way in which it functions, If one person isn’t functioning then it effect everyone else.What should we do for them? Pull to gether and support them. We should support them and help them back on their feet.We should pray for them.Everything you would do for your own kids or parents or siblings.

Here is what the Christ puts it this way:

For whoever does the will of my

Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”



If we are to like Christ then those who are in your church are your brother,sister, mother,&father.He wants us to treat them like family. Do you love your family? Then you should love the family that God placed in your life.Amen.

Above all, love each other deeply, I Peter 4:8a




Bless the Children

The other week I stood their waiting to speak with my pastor after service. It wasn’t my turn and there was someone who had lots of important things to tell him. This person was a little girl who was about 5 or 6 years old. My pastor never interrupted her, he smiled and shook his head, intently listening to every word while she talked to him. He even sat down in a chair so he could get lower to her level.

I was not angry that this child was talking silliness while I had important things to talk about( really didn’t have anything important to say, but that is the attitudes of some in the church towards God’s little ones.).Instead I listened to this little girl go  on and on about everything in her life.

Luke 18:16 But Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.

I watched my pastor and how he received her. He did exactly what Jesus did. Jesus told his disciples to bring the children to him and he blessed them. I wondered how many of them talked to Jesus about their cat, or things they planned to do with their dad. It probably took Jesus hours to bless them.

After she was done I jokingly told my pastor there was plenty of need in the children’s ministry.

The children’s ministry is not a place that is beneath anyone. It certainly wasn’t beneath Jesus. It is important to Him. When you minister to Children you are fulfilling what he said. You are bringing the children to Him instead of forbidding them to come.

I encourage you to take the time this week to minister to a child. Think of a way you could be like Jesus for them. You could visit a sick child in the hospital,take a neighborhood child to church,or Just give a listening ear to one who just needs to tell somebody about their cat. It could make all the difference in that child’s life.

The Other Son

“‘My son,’ the father said, ‘you are always with me, and everything I have is yours. But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.'” Luke 15:31&32

Full story Luke 15:11:32

This story people usually focus on the younger son who squandered everything but, the man had two sons. He loved them both.

At the point in the story that the younger son came home the Man had nothing. He gave everything to his two sons.Think about that for a moment. When the older son became hurt, your hear the words of a loving father. He says “you have always been with me”. The older son had never left. He stayed and did his duty faithfully to his father.

The next words are even more stunning.He says ” and Everything I have is yours.” You see the younger son wasn’t just coming home to the love of the father, but the mercy of a brother. The father had given all he had to his two sons.

Think about this picture. You see Jesus was telling of himself as the older brother.Faithful to the work of the Father,and it is by his mercy that we can come home. We see this very thing happen in the Garden as Jesus prayed.”Let this cup pass from me.Not my will but your be done.” 

We have the mercy of Jesus for our sins. The bibles says that while we were still sinners Christ dies for us.If you have never given your life to him I encourage you today, to come to the love of a Father and the mercy of Jesus.







Recently I came across a penny. It was a 1943 wheat penny. It looked different , old, and even Ugly.  I thought I might look into it a bit. I found that the more unique or even flawed that a coin is the more it is worth.A penny isn’t worth much unless it is unique or rare. 

My Penny was worth  $.03. Even if it not that rare it is worth more than a plain  regular penny of today.

Now if my penny were one year newer(1944) it could have been remarkably worth a lot more.Not because of it being made by different material, or it looking much different . You may not even know that something was different unless you knew something about coins. You see the 1944 was minted wrong.That makes it rare. The  flaw is what  gives the coin  its worth.

In this world of people who are forged from the same mold;where people may look down on someone who doesn’t look, act, maybe even believe like them, I am glad to be minted with a double ear( you coin collectors will know what that is). God made us all different. Instead of trying to fit the mold, Try being who God made you to be. You are more valuable that way.

Support in Life Changes

I spent all last week whining about the lack of support for my new diet. My family just doesn’t want to get on board. I know they are trying. They have actually tried the chicken strips wrapped in lettuce. Kind of like this picture. It Look’s yummy doesn’t it?( hear the sarcasm). My loving husband said, “that was good, honey”. I know he was trying to make me feel better about the absent bread. 

No this is not fun,but I have stuck it out since Christmas. Yes, this is more than just a new years resolution. It is something I have to live with for the rest of my life.

Life changes are so hard,but we choose them. Not because they are easy,but because they are worth it. Like getting Married, having a baby, going back to school, moving to a new house,starting a better job, or giving your life to Christ.

All of those life changes require us giving up something in our lives for a greater good. With marriage you give up independence for love and commitment. With having a baby you give up your sleep, time,and  your needs for your babies needs.With going back to school you give up time and money to become less ignorant , a better example to your kids, and to provide a better life for your family. When moving to a new house, you give up comfort and security of your old house, for a dream. A new job can bring new stress for maybe a bigger paycheck( or these days to have a paycheck).Giving your life to Christ will require you to give up things you never thought you could, and the reward that you get is eternal life. Let’s see, give up negative behaviors & lifestyles for eternal life. Wow, that one is a bargain.

  Now back to me whining. I had a heart change this week. In my time with the Lord I felt him speak to my heart. He told me that maybe if I were more supportive to my family(especially one in particular person) then I would get more support in return. It made sense to me. Anyway that is what I am going to do this week. I am going to Quit whining.I will stop thinking of only  what I am going through ,and think of how everyone is effected by this change. I am going to try to help them adjust to a healthier lifestyle. It probably will not be easy,but worth it.

Next time you are going through a hard situation,or life change, try putting your focus on some one who might be going through it, too.You just might find that you are getting more than enough support for what you are going through.

I also want to say thanks to my sister who lives 600 mi. away. She has been the most encouraging. And, last week when I was having my pity party she wouldn’t let me give up.Sister’s are the best.

Saturday Mornings

I love Saturday Mornings. I love Sleeping in,reading books, the few hours I spend on my second job,and breakfast. It is 10:30am and my family is saying “what’s for breakfast”.


Breakfast:Fresh eggs and berries,of course.

Well I love it. It seem like everyone is in slow motion after a week full of running 100 miles an hour.School and work activities all just seem to get the better of us during the week. But, Saturday morning is not just a time ,but a place.

A place on the outside that is called home, and a place on the inside that is called peace.A place of comfort and a place you can take time to breathe slowly and softly.

I love Saturday mornings. I hope you are enjoying yours ,too.


Today is my 10th re-birthday.

Ten years ago today I put away the life I was living for a new life.No, didn’t get devoiced,or have a huge life changing catastrophe. I simply put away the mistakes I had made along with the bad choices and decided to go a different direction with my life. This is the day I came to know the love of Christ. This is the day I quit feeling alone,un-loved,& desperate.  

I wouldn’t say it is an easy road or that everyone liked the way  i lived my life now. I lost friends and family, but I had something that was worth all of that now. I had Love.

For this is love: not that we loved God, but that
He loved us and sent His Son as an atoning
sacrifice for our sins. ( 1 John 4:10 ) Therefore;
We know and rely on the love God has for us.
God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God,
and God in him. ( 1 John 4:16

Like a Real Classic

Most years my boss lets me have a calendar from one of the venders. I usually try to get the classic car one. I really like classic cars. I always have. I don’t know much about them, but I do know one when I see it. I love the way that some are big and pointy, and they appear to have faces.

This month we have a 1961 blue Imperial. She is lovely and classy.She looks like and Old man in the front with over grown eyebrows over the headlights. In the back she looks like a space ship getting ready for take off with the high finders that come to a sharp point. Then you have the little round tail lights that seem to beam like rocket fire when coming to a stop. Shiny chrome all over the outside for detail and don’t forget the white wall tires. They just make the magic move.Wow, what a beautiful car.

I imagine her going through years of abuse and neglect. She started out as someones everyday car. She drove him to work and she took the family on vacations, but one day she was no longer pleasing to the owner and he sold her. The new owner drove her until her transmission gave out then parked her in his yard where she sat for years, rusting and wasting away.

I imagine that one day an older gentleman came by and saw her. Said to himself what a beauty. She was a mess and he saw beauty. He bought the car took her home and restored her to the glamour girl she is today. Now she is blue and Shiny with chrome and white walls.She is a real class(y)ic.

I am a lot like this car i have imagined. I was young once and pretty and I didn’t take care of myself. I was ran down physically, and I had good guts, but I had some transmission problems. But, you see some one has come along name Jesus and he   is restoring me to my former beauty. inside and out. I am not quit there yet,but he sees in me things nobody else does. He saw’s more than just my potential. He saw a real Class(y)ic Lady.