God’s Time

Have you ever noticed that you get  word from the Lord at some of the most un expected times.


That just happened to me . Somethings happened recently that has brought some great disappointment to my husband and I. We are in a state of shock wondering how this situation will work out. Doing my usual, getting  support from church family, going into action about preparing the fields for Gods plan and then doing what needs to be done in everyday life on top of it all. 

Then I started to prepare my pre-school classes lesson I began to read it. Realized it was about the very situation that my family is going through. We need a healing in our family.The story is about 10 lepers. The front page of the lesson is for the teachers. It talked about how in one instant the lives of those 10 men were changed. 

It was a light bulb moment for me. In one bad moment of your life Jesus can show up and completely change everything.He can restore what the enemy tries to steal from us. He is just Good Like that.

I look at this situation,not from a defeated position,but from the throne room of a King.I am a princes with a Heavenly Father,and the devil will regret the day he messed with me and my family.  

Thank you God for loving me and caring for me enough to prepare my heart mind and spirit.Thank you for your precious timing. -Jesus name ,Amen.



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