ImageFriendships are some of the most rewarding of all our relationships. A true friend that loves and cares about you is  always honest and truthful with you even if it is something that is hard to hear.

They pray for you, walk through the valley with you, dance on your mountaintop with you, and fight the enemy with you. Kind of like Zena warriors. The understand your greatest fears and they help you face them. My Friends, as few as they are, have been some the most important relationships I have ever had.

So what do you do when you lose one? My very best church girlfriend is moving. I am happy for her because I know that God has something honestly wonderful waiting for her where she is going. The thing is she feels irreplaceable in my life.  My heart is happy and sad all at the same time.

Today I just want to take the time to let my Friends know that I appreciate everything they have ever done for me. Thank you for letting me vent, for giving me good Godly advise, for all the times you prayed for me and with me. Thank you for wiping my tears and loving me through some of the most difficult times in my life. I am so glad God Gave you to me to be my friend. 

To my friend Penny: Thank you for always being open and transparent with me. Your flaws were some of the most beautiful things to me, and your perfections were honest. I will miss you most tarriably. Your frienship has been very valuable to me and I miss you already. Hope that you feel the same about what kind of friend I could be to you.

 I pray that God blesses your journey, not just to where you are physically going, but also the positions to where Lord is setting you up. He is just good like that. I pray that he watches over your family. That God  brings unity in your Marriage and a new closeness  in your family . I pray for complete Surrender in your heart for Gods plan.And may any traials you may face be swift and few. In the Name of Christ Jesus. Amen


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