Good To Be Here

I am reading the “battlefield of the mind” by Joyce Myer.So, I am practicing being positive. , Well,It is just good to be here.

Could you imagine not being here? what would this world like without you? How much do you bring to this world everyday? do you bring challenges to others by being selfish, or a downer, or a complainer? It is ok if you do, I think we need these people to make this world a better place. It help others grow in patients and grace. But, will it help you grow as a person if you are like that? Not unless you are trying to do better in this area of your life.

Have you ever listen to commentators on t.v. or talk radio? they are usually very negative.They always seem to look at the dark of everything( at least the subject matter at hand to them).Not often do they look for positive stories to talk about.The difference between us and them is they get paid to be that way. They are paid to take oppositions( in which I sometimes agree with), but they challenge us to think.

on the other side do you bring joy and happiness to people everyday?do you just naturally ” light up a room”? I know people who are magnetic. People are drawn to them natureally.Not because they are really smart, or interesting, or good-looking even. But, because they are friendly,kind,&positive.

either way you are doesn’t mean you are a bad person or good person. Personally I have to make being positive a conscious choice to be positive. It doesn’t come naturally to me. I have met people who are very charismatic and positive people who do wrong things, and I have met negative people who would go out of their way to help others. So, I am not judging a person by their thoughts. I leave that to God. He’s parental advise to us is this Proverbs 23:7(a) as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. makes you want to be more positive, doesn’t it?

 I want to challenge you to think consciously and then determine are your thoughts positive or negative.Keep track this week and see if you are a positive or negative person. then comment


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